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Why Telecom Companies steal your Information and how to protect your data

Personal Data is very important today or at least for Pexiflow LLC.

Many Telecom companies in order to maximize their revenue, sells your personal data to advertisers Which essentially explain why you see personalized ads directed to you.
Despite its common nowadays, its not a good move to do so, and its called: invading your own privacy online.

Many Telecom Companies has been spotted doing the same thing

While you are with someone on the phone or even Messaging him through your Telecom service subscription, everything is being captured from your SMS messages to your calls, then with that information there is too many options, the most significant is: Money through selling your data to 3rd parties

Can you protect yourself ?

Well, The Answer is YES. Now its so easy to protect yourself from this privacy abuse and there are tons of solutions:
You can stay anonymous by using Trusted SMS Services that keeps it clean with 0 logs policy hands down as Pexiflow.

These are very cheap or Absolutely FREE in Pexiflow's case and easy to use.
You can read our Article To know more about VoIP Services.
VoIP Doesn't use your data to sell for advertisers, And It's more quality ardnd cheaper solution. You don't even need SIM Card to call someone, You just need an internet access And you can do it Worldwide without problems Telecom Companies have high call rates and steal your data, Unlike VoIP As we said earlier, It's very good solution Protect yourself with Reliable VoIP Service.