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How is Facebook spying on your life


Facebook capturing all your data with their app

Yes, Facebook is spying on your life. every word you say, every picture you take/save/upload, your location, even your friends and relatives.
All of these are known and archived by Facebook So how FB do this without us knowing?
First, when you download the Facebook app, Create an account it will need permissions access to Microphone, Calendar, Location,Camera.. However even not allowing it, still Facebook will use it which makes this move a dangerous one against your privacy.
Also you see " Recommended Friends" it shows people you know but never knew they had FB account. and by this they sell everything to advertisers to get nearest ad possible basically it's just knowing your whole life, they even know you had to pay your Parking Ticket or They know you got speed ticket.

How to prevent Facebook from exposing your real number?

Important thing is: Do not use your real phone number! Facebook has an identity verification in place to reveal your real information and link your number with other shared details in its subsidiaries with your life, and will recognize you using that phone to identify your country.
Use one of our phone numbers that was build for this use and help protect your private information, with 0 logs or data shared between you and the Pexiflow Platform with 3 steps:
- Visit| Find a suitable number | Register and verify using that number and done.
You've protected your real phone from Facebook's marketing emails and annoying SMS messages.

Legal Actions

With their Legal Policies Don't even think about Suing Facebook: you'll waste your time. Why? If you read their policies and privacy you'll understand what they're referring to by: "we can use your data whenever we want and you accept it" So there's no legal way to punish Facebook because you're using their platform and rules. But if you decide to use Facebook, always outsmart their security algorithm and do not use your real data if you're concerned about your privacy.